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    Assembly plant

    Assembly plant 

    The assembly plant is directly under the production base of  the headquarters, it is established in March of 1999,and its plant area takes 6000㎡. 
    Business scope: R&D, manufacture and sales for auto function/ structure parts, PU foaming and coating parts, spray parts, silk-screen parts etc.. 
    Main products: the forming and coating assemblies for auto door, armrest and headrest; function/ structure and spray parts for auto and home appliance. 
    Main clients: Bosch, Johnson, Yanfeng, Dongfeng, Yanfeng, Electrolux, Dongyang etc.. 
    Main OEM: GA-FCA, BAW, SVW, SGM, Dongfeng Yulon, Nissan, JAC, Qoros and global Electrolux factories.