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    Injection plant

    Injection plant 

    The injection plant is directly under the production base of  the headquarters, it is established in March of 1999, and its plant area takes 8000㎡.
    Business scope: R&D, manufacture and sales for auto and home appliance function/ structure parts. 
    Main products: high-precision injection parts like air bag, parking sensor holder, ESP, auto lamp, motor gear; Interior and out exterior injection parts and assembly like steering guard, air outlet assembly, car door, armrest, headrest, coating assembly, auto door, center control and ceiling system. 
    Major clients: Bosch, Johnson, Yanfeng, Gissing, Electrolux, Dongyang, Quanxing etc.. 
    Main OEM: GA-FCA, BAW, SVW, SGM, FAW, Audi, Beijing Hyundai, Changan Ford etc. and global Electrolux factories.