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    Mould plant
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    Mould plant 

    The mould plant is directly under the production base of  the headquarters, it is established in May of 2003 and its plant area takes 2000㎡.
    Technical strength: Shenda has professional technical and engineering employees, who are with stability and rich experience; Shenda also cooperate with Goswin Engel company, introducing itself to the international field and bring in the newest design and process. 
    Owns the high-precision mould machining equipments. 
    Business scope: R&D, manufacture and sales for precision functional mould, interior parts, outer parts mould.
    Main products: precision injection mould for function/ structure and interior & exterior parts for auto and home appliance. 
    Major clients: Bosch, Brose, Johnson, Yanfeng, Visteon, Faurecia, Gissing, Electrolux etc..
    Representative works: 
    1. Dozens of fan, shroud moulds for engine cooling system
    2. 2 cavities wheel mould 
    3. Engine cooling water pump housing mould 
    4. Precision mould for auto electronic and safety parts(air bag housing, ESP bracket, Parking sensor holder, etc.) 
    5. Auto air outlet